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    Many of our customers forget about the wide variety of document and label products available from Graphic Dimensions and our label division New Dimension Labels. To assist you we’ve created a manufacturing niche document to help identify the products and quantities that best fit our capabilities. Please take a moment to download and review this tool. We look forward to working with you on your next project!

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    MICR Help

    Routing Number

    This number indicates the bank your deposit ticket will route to and can be found to the left most area of your deposit MICR number.

    Account Number

    Your account number is the right most MICR number that appears on your deposit ticket. It is important that you enter any spaces or dashes that appear in your account number sequence.

    Please reference the letter code below that you will need to type for any non-number within your MICR. The letters will need to be capitalized to populate on the deposit ticket correctly.

    • Space = S
    • Dash = D
    • On-Us = C
    • Amount = B
    • Transit = A

    Bank Fraction

    Example of how the bank fraction should be formatted:

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