Financial Documents

At Graphic Dimensions, we understand the importance of MICR read accuracy rates and drop out compliance with image processing. Using state of the art customized testing equipment, we have established a MICR readability rate that exceeds 99%. Our MICR document expertise is not limited to negotiable documents. We also offer a comprehensive line of custom and semi-custom internal financial documents for the banking industry. Our semi-custom financial products offer convenience and fast turnarounds. Color bands are preprinted in a variety of colors and sizes. With custom financial products you receive any color or size manufactured to your customers’ unique requirements. Both custom and semi-custom products are available in padded or booked formats and feature carbonless paper (not self-contained) on multi-parts.

Some of the common Custom Financial products that we can provide include:­

  • Image Processing Documents
  • Labels for Printers
  • Deposit Tickets/Books
  • Correction Notices
  • Coupons
  • Counter Deposits/Withdraws
  • Cash Tickets
  • Batch Headers
  • Vault Tickets
  • Credit/Debit Slips
  • General Ledger Forms
  • Non MICR Forms
  • Advice of Change Notices

Semi-Custom Process Control Documents

  • Standard Size 8 ½” x 3 ¾”
  • 8 Standard Color Bands
  • Consecutive Numbering
  • Custom Designs Available

Semi-Custom Internal Banking Documents

  • Multiple Sizes Available
  • Up to 11 Standard Color Bands
  • 5 Standard Paper Colors
  • Choice of colored bands top & bottom or just top
  • Custom widths, numbering, padding and back printing is available

Stock Deposit Books

  • 2 Standard Formats - Standard and Security Bag Friendly
  • 1-4 Pts.
  • 100 Ticket Minimum
  • Wraparound Cover Design - Multi-Parts
  • 2 Decorative Cover Options - Wall Street Cover & Hometown Cover
  • Distributor Reorder Notice – inserted into last book
  • Custom Imprint in Black

Deposit Tickets

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Routing Number

This number indicates the bank your deposit ticket will route to and can be found to the left most area of your deposit MICR number.

Account Number

Your account number is the right most MICR number that appears on your deposit ticket. It is important that you enter any spaces or dashes that appear in your account number sequence.

Please reference the letter code below that you will need to type for any non-number within your MICR. The letters will need to be capitalized to populate on the deposit ticket correctly.

  • Space = S
  • Dash = D
  • On-Us = C
  • Amount = B
  • Transit = A

Bank Fraction

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